We optimise our artisan approach with procedures and industrial equipment. We combine the quality of a tailored approach with an uncommon production capacity.



We create artisan leather goods on an industrial scale, a production system in which the care and attention of our expert craftsmen are ingrained approaches diffused on all levels.

Our production is able to take on very large orders. The high level of specific know-how makes it possible to industrialise any small leather item, respecting the delivery times and guaranteeing the optimal quality of the finished product, with a defect margin close to zero.

A two-hour flight away from Milan and two and a half from Paris, Tunis is economically very advantageous. It is in the same time zone and easy to reach in order to supervise product development and, once production has started, to control the quality.


Artigianato industriale
Industrial craftsmanship
Here the industrial processes do not overshadow the artisan dimension, rather they complement it; this is what makes a product with excellent craftsmanship available to a greater number of enthusiasts.



Each step in the production chain involves an optimal amount of automation, which allows us to concentrate our manual expertise on the most delicate operations.



In almost thirty years of presence in Tunisia, Italian craftsmen have trained more than 300 Tunisian workers: a team that was created in the most authentic tradition of “made in Italy”.

We have automated every possible production step without impacting the quality of the product. Cutting machines, ovens, die-cutting machines, sewing machines, glueing machines that use water-based glue: not only do they optimise the times of each processing step, they reduce raw material waste.

Production is supported by a highly competent modelling department, with talent and experience enhancing each other.